hi i'm FRANCESCA DI LEO and welcome to my blog, MUSHROOM DREAMS.  a weblog that documents my art and life.  intertwined.  trying to create a balance between the two.
i'm a mom of two, xavier and elisa; a wife to domenic; a sister and child to a big (crazy) italian family but.... most importantly i am an artist.

in reality, i am an office worker, until i can figure out how to make a living creatively.

i love the 'unconventional', things that are different, the mundane bores me. conventional bores me. office work bores me.

i love being outdoors, watching zombie movies, creating with colour, being surrounded by dogs, and guiding my children to find themselves and their own life's purpose.

i am a hawk person. i delve in spirit journeys and crystals and medicine bundles. connecting with my 'all that is'. i believe in love, and magic, and dreams and the gentle whispers of the universe.

come join me along my mushroom dreams.... won't you? francesca xoxx

email:  francesca.dileo@sympatico.ca
blog:  http://francescadileo.blogspot.com/
etsy shop:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/FrancescaDiLeo?ref=si_shop