Thursday, May 29, 2014

shades of grey

i've made the mud room in behind our kitchen my working studio space.  the garage transformation isn't happening fast enough, and i was getting tired of waiting, and not painting.  this is my nook for now.  and it's a temporary fix but it'll do.  

despite having all the colours under the sun in my paint stash, i keep going back to my shades of grey.  it's all i want to paint with these days.  so obsessed with grey, that it's also become the main colour in my home...

it's sexy.  and mysterious.  and particularly so when the image just fades into black.  when put together as a series it creates rather a powerful visual.  perhaps it's that i'm still intimidated by painting with colour.  or at least i haven't been satisfied with the results of painting with colour.  i'm finding colour feels harsh, almost hostile.  painting in black and white feels easy particularly on the eyes and the psyche.

francis bacon once said in an interview, '.... the only thing we have to paint is our nervous system..'... and this so rings true for me.  right now, my nervous system needs calm edges, that fade into white or black without effort. a place where your eye can rest, and escape into the lost edges.


and of course, a puppy update.  oscar is now 6 mos. old, and getting bigger.  he was 1.5 lbs when we first took him to the vet, and is now a whopping 4.5 lbs.  he's such an entertaining little character.  he's pretty hilarious actually, especially when he gets really excited and runs about, or more like, hops about like a deer. i must catch that on tape next time.  if he's not on top of me, he's near me, or touching me... always within close proximity.  and that's more than alright with me.  he loves having his face touch skin...  and i love having his face close to mine, keeps me warm and cozy all night.  i must say, dom and elisa are feeling a little jealous of the little guy getting so much of my attention during the day and night!!  ;)

loving this live version of 'you' by  //THE1975//

and i'll leave you with this awesome performance:

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Patricia said...

I love monochrome myself (Martha and the Muffins did a song called that back in the 70's -80's), and Oscar is hilarious -- sounds like a miniature version of our 20 pound Bob. Oh yes, the hop, the snuggles (plastered against us most of the time and very spoiled, how can we not?), such characters.