Monday, March 3, 2014

painting the figure

so the 'painting the figure' class at OCAD with bogdan luca has begun.

Day 1:  class work, a series of 15 minute poses
my two pieces are the third one from the left (top and bottom)

i 'figure' it's time my painted faces get painted bodies.   i wasn't feeling very confident about the class when i first signed up,  i've never really drawn or painted the figure.  but i must say, there's nothing like doing something you're afraid of to break new ground.

drawing from life, in the proper conditions with lighting, is really an incredible experience.  i thought i'd giggle like a school girl with strangers posing naked for me, but it was alright. ha! once you put some paint on paper, and get into the zone, you forget you're in a class room, and there's an instructor watching and critiquing.

figure painting, ocad, acrylic
Day 2:  one hour pose

i really need to get myself into a life drawing class more often....

first day we had a female model, who was at least in her 70's.  and boy was she confident in her skin.  she was a flamboyant blonde,  with a fresh lily in her up-do.  man, i wish i could be so confident in my own skin, and i'm half her age for god's sake.  perhaps in my next life, i'll come back as a life model.

our instructor, bogdan luca,  is a pretty fabulous artist and teacher.  i'm such of fan.  his classes are always interesting, and challenging pushing me out of my comfort zone.  this is exactly what i was looking for.

now if only i can get dom to pose naked for me, it would be a great help.  ha!

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