Monday, March 10, 2014

painting the figure: day 3 with gillian iles

todays class was taught by the awesome gillian iles.  such a natural at teaching, great clear instructions with incredible examples, very helpful live demos on colour mixing,  and a fun personality to boot.  it was a real pleasure being in her class.

deconstructing skin tones; tint/value/chroma; and how to apply it using a limited palette.

some examples of what she wanted us to do....  euan uglow:

painting, figure painting, euan uglow, uglow
euan uglow

painting, figure painting, euan uglow, uglow
euan uglow

my girls looked a little jaundiced, but a great exercise none-the-less.  i can't believe how much became so much clearer to me in just one 4 hour class.  she's remarkable that gillian iles.

these studies were quick and dirty, but i've been so inspired that i'm going to experiment all week with this lesson...  see if i can make my skin tones less jaundiced and more 'natural' looking, and more variation in my shadows.

figure painting, ocad
seated pose #1
yellow + red = orange, plus white to create three slightly different tones
red+blue = purple for the darkest darks 

figure painting, ocad
seated pose #2
yellow + white + red  = lights
red + yellow = orange + white =  mid tones with some dark added
red + blue = dark purple = darks
yellow + blue = green added to the dark purple for variation in shadows
there is soooooo much that is wrong with these studies, but hell if i'm not going to keep trying to get this right.  not to mention working on brush strokes, less is more with this type of painting, and learn to change brushstrokes to model the form...

oy.  so much to learn.  so much to remember.  a little overwhelming, but soo exciting.

 “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” 
                                         --Thomas Edison

ummm, that's what i'll keep telling myself thomas... now off to read this article, on creativity and the gift of failure.  ha!!

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