Tuesday, February 11, 2014

ebb and flow

black and white, portrait, acrylic, painting, grisaille,
i wonder what i look like in your eyes
acrylic on 100% cotton watercolour paper, 8" x 10"

i'm still obsessed with painting in varying tones of grey.  it's reflecting my mood perfectly and am finding it very satisfying.

i have been in hibernation and haven't created much.   i have these grand ideas in my head and i've been writing it all down lest i forget...  so many ideas that they keep me up at night.  it feels like that saying, 'i've got way too many tabs open in my head".

i get into these moods where i think, what's the fucking point?, why bother to paint? what good is it doing in the world?, why am i expending so much energy on it?, WTF?, why am i wasting my time? ugh.

do you ever feel like that with whatever it is you're passionate about?

and then it fades and i get back to painting once the ebb turns back to flow, and i remember why it was so bloody important, and why all the time and energy put into it was so damn worth it, and continue on the journey of finding my reasons and believing them.

to kick start the year i've signed up for the painting the figure class at OCAD.  hoping to expand my repertoire by adding bodies to my heads!  i've never really drawn the figure, let alone paint it, but no matter. i guess i will learn.

until i get back to my painting, i will continue to slap gesso onto old pages and give a new life to old books. writing down lyrics to music i love is what i'm doing.  weird?  probably, but it's ok.  i think weird is rad. normal is has never been my style.

'for you' lyrics by bruce springsteen

i will forever be inspired by the lyrics and music of this man. i would love to have a show that somehow incorporates music, words, and art all in one space.  it's so much of what makes my work mine.

and i leave you with this beautiful rendition of 'for you'

Monday, February 3, 2014

emerge: making my home feel more me

it's been 13 years of wear and tear in our home.  we've literally loved every item in it to death.  when we furnished our home 13 years ago, i was a different person, different goals, different ideas.

not only have i outgrown the furniture, but that girl has outgrown herself.  i'm a very different woman than i was 13 years ago.  changed in so many ways.  when i walk into my home these days, i no longer recognize myself in it.  it no longer suits me.  this prompted a huge huge change, and a major impromptu shopping spree this weekend.

deer head, resin deer antlers, wall decor
a resin deer head with antlers (for my living room) from home craft decor in toronto

i chose pieces that spoke to me.  the items literally chose me and i knew i had to take them home the minute i saw them.  i love when that king of magic happens.

i finally have a beautiful set of durable kitchen chairs.  i have a vintage round table, to be painted with annie sloane paint, and these chairs will make the perfect new addition to complete the look.  mixing old with new.

eames, reproduction, eames repro, gunmetal finish, chair, design republic
from design republic in toronto

eames, reproduction, eames repro, gunmetal finish, chair
eames reproduction rocker from home craft decor in toronto

real sheep skin, one in charcoal and one i n pink (like the carpet below) one will go on the rocker above and one on the couch for extra comfort
from  romni wools in toronto

vintage rug from design republic - YES in PINK

the florence couch from design republic - BUT will be in charcoal grey (NOT this colour pictured)...  tufted seats, clean, mid-century look

teal buffet - will go in my hallway from rusteak in toronto
making my home feel more me feels very important right now.

i will have my own space, the kids and husband will have their basement tv/play area, and I will have my garage studio (in the spring when the ice melts).

it's all in the works.  just takes some time, energy and lots of $$.

getting there.  slowly but surely the new me emerging through my home.