Wednesday, January 8, 2014

paolo e francesca

during my undergrad days studying italian, i took an entire full year course dedicated to dante's  divine comedy.  my copy of inferno, pergatory, and paradiso are lovingly earmarked, and highlighted, with many notes in the margins.  every once in a while i'll pick it up just to read from it just to feel and hear the words as they roll off my tongue.

just listen to this (it's canto v, of dante's inferno), my most favorite and the best canto in the entire comdey, in my humble opinion.  when you hear this you'll understand why I fell in love with it.  pay special attention to the very last line...

"E caddi come corpo morto cade".
                               -- Canto V, Inferno

so why am i writing about this?

not sure.

but i do know that i may have to paint something very soon to get these images i have outta my head of this canto.  not sure yet if they'll be painted or in charcoal.  must mull over ideas and make some sketches...

love when inspiration strikes and emerges just like that....  from a simple reminder, a memory..  like magic.

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