Thursday, February 21, 2013

missing my boy

found this picture when cleaning out my moms house and it made me cry and laugh at the same time.  cry cause i miss my pooch, and laugh because well, just look at those giant paws.  samson was a mere 8 weeks old in this pic.  we were both so young - me in my size 0 shorts, and highlighted hair.  dom and i had just got back from our honeymoon and the first thing we did was pick up our pup to take him home.

at this age he was soooo incredibly funny.  he was clumsy with those paws, tripping and falling all over himself.  i remember taking him out for walks and not being able to walk a foot without someone stopping me to pet him and ooh-and-awww over him.

i miss my little furry schmucker.

perhaps it's time to get us another furry friend.  we really miss having a furry friend around.

dom wants a bull mastiff.  i want a chihuahua.

maybe we can meet somewhere in the middle with a medium sized pup.

any suggestions?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

portraiture fundamentals: clay

the last time we worked with clay, i left the class feeling humbled and utterly inadequate as an artist.  so walking into class i was feeling intimidated by clay but determined to give it another go.

for whatever reason, this time around i felt much better about the process.  and actually enjoyed it.  i worked slower, paying extra attention to the nuances of each and every light and shadow.  and getting really close to see it all.  it made all the difference.

the proportions were better.  and ultimately it looked more like the model than my clay version did last week.  the art of seeing what's in front of you.  if you don't see it then you make it up, and that's when you run into trouble and you don't get a likeness.  such an important lesson learned.

this was bogdan luca's class example.  what took us three hours to do, he did in  a matter of 15 minutes.  how awesome is he!!

there's been so much going on at home, and work that my brain has been on overload which doesn't put me much in the mood for anything except taking tylenol and hiding under the covers.  but somehow, i managed to get some time to myself to create.  a self portrait in pastels on hotpress watercolour paper.  yes. i need to do more of these.

my sister said she looks 'scary'.  i say she looks like me.  lol.  scary and all.

i'm still missing my mom and my dog.  so weird.  the other day at work i was picking up some messages, and i listened to some saved ones.  there was one saved message from my mom.  'franga, fammi ou telefono, t'agya spiare oca cosa, ok, bye'.  it was my mom telling me to call her back because she had to ask me something.  well.  hearing her voice threw me for a loop and i lost it.  had to close my office door and bawl.  and listen to it a few more times.

so so so glad i have it to hear her voice. almost made me pick up the phone to call her back.  still can't get my head around her being gone.  and to add salt to injury, i'm miserable without my samson.  i didn't realize how much his companionship meant to me and the sense of comfort he gave me.  such a double whammie.  i don't quite know what to do with myself.


one minute at a time.  right?

onward.  forward.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

in the studio: painting

instructor Bogdan Luca's sample on the left... class samples upper right and my version on bottom right.
i've painted a million monochromatic portraits but this week in class i was utterly stumped.  he wanted us to paint in a way i hadn't painted before.  literally painting from dark to light, and starting with the darkest shadows, and mixing black and white paint lighter with each passe. his version looks fabulous.  mine.  not so much.  :))

i kept wanting to blend on the page, like i normally do.  but that's not what the exercise was.  the bunch of us had difficulty with this exercise, but a really good way to 'see' when painting a portrait.

what i'm learning is that i need to be more diligent with painting 'what i see', and not what 'i think i see'.  there's a huge difference.  there's a whole lot of unlearning to do to get to the point of 'seeing'.  when you can paint what 'you see', you get a really close likeness in a portrait, and not what you create in your minds eye.

i'll get there eventually.  it just takes practice.

there was somewhat of a discussion in class where a lady said either 'you have it or you don't'.  i don't agree with that.  i think it's either you don't have to practice, and then there are those who do.  one just gets 'there' quicker than the other.

have been also working on mistys online class, face to face (painting portraits class).  she's an incredible instructor.  and hopefully i'll be able to find some time to get some of the assignments done.