Tuesday, December 3, 2013

the art of truth

i'm becoming a social media snob.  there.  i've said it.

and i don't give a fuck, really.

i'm just getting  nauseated of seeing so much crap on all these social media platforms.  really folks, why is it (and i'm fully guilty of this), that as soon as we finish a project, and even if it's a work in progress, and even if the work sucks, do we have this inordinate fascination with posting it to social media... as if to say, 'look what i can do, isn't it grand'.  we have this excessive self-love of what we're producing and then proceed to prostitute via the web.  is it not sickening?  am i the only one who is really getting so sick and tired of all the self love and promotion?

i think i may be becoming a bit of a snob.  or perhaps i've always been a snob.  there are some really, truly talented artists out there who don't post their work, but post links to their openings, and shows, but you don't see them posting works as they're creating them.  they keep them close and release only the works that they feel represents their best work...  i have such a deep admiration and respect for those artists.

i'm the first to say that i've been guilty of this egocentrism.  before you send your hate mail, let me say it again, I'M THE FIRST TO SAY I'M GUILTY OF THIS excessive need for self-promotion. i was lured and sucked into the social media vortex.

perhaps i thought it necessary early in my artistic journey because i needed the confidence boost.  i needed to hear my 'friends' 'liked' it.  i needed some kind of permission, or approval, or encouragement, whatever you wanna call it to keep going.  but really folks, how many times have i 'liked' something that i truly did not. how many times have you done that?  let's be real here.

in hindsight, i would have started my journey differently.  i would have started a fb group with real live friends, and post my work to them if i really wanted sincere and constructive criticism.  i would have taken professional classes sooner. i would NOT have posted so much crap to social media...  god i have so much crap of my work out there. a lot of it was experimentation; it was about growth, and learning, and morphing into the artist i'm still working on becoming.  i want to show a body of work, not just bits and bobs to solicit likes.  i want to create real and meaningful work without having to 'sell' it to the fb world in order for it to be seen.

so much change required in the days to come in how i present myself as an artist.

so much passion to release into my work.

redefining my truth.

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Ophelia said...

OMG....this is such a great post today. I honestly appreciate you posting this.