Tuesday, December 17, 2013

the 12th house in aquarius

venus will be touring my 12th house for many weeks...

the 12th house in astrology is the house of secrets and things hidden.

apparently, "i may be a closet artist who finds it difficult to exhibit my work or tell others about my creative passions while at the same time indulge in fantasies about being validated in my creative work and experiencing success as an artist".

hmmmm.  yeah... that just might be true.

and that "i seek love, vibrant abundant soul love, that transcends the physical body.  i want to meet my soul mate, i want someone who can touch my spiritual self and i want to speak to them on a soul level.  i tend to fall in love with love or to love the image or ideal rather than the whole person.  i am attracted to the inner qualities of a person and to the fleeting glimpses i have of their soul, i often ignore the realities that would undercut the romance that I seek.  my concept of love, which is likely unrealistic, may be so unconscious that i continually confuse fantasy with reality, deluding myself about my partner and making the same mistakes over and over again".

ok.  i'm listening.

off to read some more on this 12th house thing.  they may be on to something.

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