Saturday, December 21, 2013


the newest member to the di leo clan:

oscar diego ignacio paco di leo
born november 12, 2013

he comes home to us on december 31st.  and yes, that's his full name because we couldn't decide on just one.

he's a chihuahua and won't grow to be more than 5 - 7 lbs (if that), which is why we chose him.  it sort of just happened over the weekend.  we've know for a while that we wanted another puppy, the rest of the family were waiting for me to give the go-ahead.  i needed time to grieve samson, and to not feel as if we were replacing him.  i wanted time to be ready for a new little guy.

not sure how this is gonna be having such a little munchkin after being so used to a 95 lbs galoot running around the house.  i do know that samson would have loved having a little companion, he was such a gentle giant.  i never really understood why people seemed so scared of him.  he wouldn't hurt a fly, well, unless of course you tried to rob my house, or hurt any one of his family members, well then, yes, he would have torn you apart.  but really, he was such a good boy.

we have so much to prepare for oscar.. his crate, his bed, his blankies, his food bowls, and of course his sweaters for the cold.  chi's need their sweaters in the winter. and of course, it has to be angora for my little schmuckers.

let the potty training begin!  '...just when i thought i was out, they pull me back in...'  ;)

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