Monday, November 18, 2013


the weather on sunday was gloomy, and the house was quiet (dom took the kids out to give me some time to paint).  they did this.

at the mad italian gelato joint on college street. **  if you're local, you need to visit this place **

for me,  it was the kind of day to stay in pj's, blast the music, and pull out the paints.

grisaill, acrylic, portrait, painting
8" x 10", acrylic on canvas
and that's exactly what i did. she's not quite finished yet, but almost.  for this one i used acrylics rather than oil so the drying time is really quick.  really can't wait to give this a glaze and then paint over top with oils.  lets see how far i can push this without destroying it.  :))

slowly but surely getting closer to how i want to paint.  ira glass was right about putting the 10, 000 hours in.

ira glass, painting, 10000 hours

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