Friday, November 22, 2013

sewing fundamentals

this is where i'll be this sunday

you know i've always wanted to learn to sew.  my mom was a master seamstress, however, she never had the patience to teach me.  so i'm finally taking the plunge and going for it.  i've broken a couple of sewing machines already, the first was threaded wrong (damn that bobbin thingi), and the 2nd, well, who knows what happened to it, but the needle wouldn't go all the way down anymore.  !!!!!

so, i'm just praying that i don't break one of their machines cause god knows i don't want to have to pay for another broken machine.  oy.

a headband.
headband, sewing

a zippered pouch.
zippered pouch, sewing

and a pillow.

how hard could this possibly be?

i'll soon find out.

wish me luck.

POST-EDIT :  people can i just say i love the janome 625E machine.  it is sweet and easy to use.   no bobbin malfunctions, easy to thread...oh my.  i'll be sewing everything in sight in the next few weeks. sewed up a french seam, 1/2" seam, wide and narrow zig zag stitches.  best class i've ever taken.. :))))

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