Saturday, November 16, 2013

grisaille alla rembrandt

i had this image in my head.  and i've been dying to paint it for a while now. last night i stayed up late to release it.  as you know, my palette is always quite dark with strong lights.  i shy away from too much colour and love the earth tones, the umbers, and siena, and yellow ochers, alizarin, and paynes grey, with touches of titanium white.  my painting are moody, and atmospheric..  

portrait, grisaille, painting, black and white, oil, toronto artist
oil on canvas, 8" x 10"

yet. still not quite where i want to be in how they're executed.  so to help me out i'm taking this oil painting class at ocad.   and it's been helpful.  however, nothing has been more helpful than visiting some of the works of the old masters.  

rembrandt, oil painting, portrait, old masters

i figure why recreate the wheel and try to figure this thing out on my own...  i'll just visit some of rembrandt's work, to see how he did it.  my palette is very similar to this, as is my love of dark darks and bright lights...  his portraits just glow, absolutely rich and vibrant in a beautifully dimmed atmosphere..  

rembrandt, oil painting, old masters, portrait

i've learned he started off with a monochromatic (mixtures of black and white), otherwise known as a grisaille.  then he'd glaze over it...

so my friends... i'm sure as hell no rembrandt, nor will i ever be... but gonna give this a try.

let's see how this goes.

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