Sunday, October 27, 2013

self portraits

saturdays class was great.   we finished off our portraits from the previous week.  getting the mannequins in the same spot, with the same lighting was a little challenging but we got close.  i desperately wanted to get rid of the two heads in the background, but paul insisted i keep them but make them farther off into the background so it didn't compete with the main image.

note to self: it's much more fun and animated when working with live models, not mannequins.  that was kinda disappointing.  but it is what it is.

self portrait, oil painting, monochromatic oil painting
my oil piece finished in class.  getting that skull look round was challenging.  more practice required.  

self portrait, oil painting, portraiture, painting
work in progress, self portrait, oils on canvas paper, first layer

i will be painting more self portraits.  capturing 'moments' of myself 'in the moment'.

i want to know if how i imagine myself in my head is really how i look on the outside.  what i imagine in my head isn't necessarily what is true in reality.  we all look in the mirror and see what we want to see.  but when you have to sit and stare at yourself, and paint your portrait, you have to paint what you see, all of it.  the reality of it.  painting what you see with no creative license to make changes.  painting simply what is.  me in the raw. unlike any self portrait aka selfie taken with smartphones these days...  setting up the shot so people see you how you wish them to see you.

after painting this first layer, i didn't realize how sad i look when i'm not smiling.  my eyes look heavy and my lips make a serious curve down at the edges.

the more i paint.  the more i want to paint.   i even paint when i'm dreaming.  is that weird?

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