Wednesday, July 31, 2013

guerrilla embroidery: i do love you

pattern by pam garrison

these days i haven't been painting.  i do this sometimes.... you know, take a break from something i love to do, to do something else i love to do, and then switch back and forth.

i call it guerrilla embroidery....  when at home watching tv, or drinking my coffee on the veranda, or lounging on the couch just before bed.

it's meditative, and relaxing and extremely enjoyable.  i love watching the process of a plain pattern come to life with colour and texture.  pam makes these great patterns that you can purchase in her shop, and me thinks it's time to get me another.

in the meantime, i pulled out some of my cotton fabric and traced a few images that i want to embroider.  it'll keep me busy and sane for the next little while.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

post vacation slump

we've just got back from our beach vacation.  i have so many stories to tell but not yet able to write.  so thought these two digital pages would suffice, for now.

let's just pretend this was today, shall we :)
[ali edwards template available at designer digitals]

[free digital template from cathy zielski]