Thursday, June 20, 2013

hawk shows her the way

in tribute to my many hawk sightings these days.  looks like i have many things to look out for, and to learn from.   every time i seen one, i think, 'ok, now what?'

5" x 7", gouache on birch panel

did i mention how much i absolutely love working with gouache.  well, i do.  it's beautiful in that's it rewettable and layerable, and you can create great depth with it.  i think what i also really love about it is it dries in a very matte finish.  i love that.  

lately most of all of my paintings stop at this stage of not yet being complete, of unrefinded features, of loose, messy strokes. i love the rawness.  the emotion through the brush strokes.  

i always call them a work in progress, but i almost always don't get back to them because i love them right where they are.  

i've learned from experience that when i overwork a piece, i end up hating it.  that it can sometime be too worked, and artificial, almost in an attempt to make it perfect.  and nothing is ever perfect, now is it. 

perfect in it's imperfection.

so i've learned to stop right at the minute my heart tells me to stop... eventhough i still call them a WIP... it's more like i'm the work in progress, not my paintings.  my progress as an artist.  as a painter.  as a mother. as a human being.

always in progress.  is there really any other way to be?

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kt40s said...

beautiful work!