Monday, June 3, 2013

a reminder from HAWK

this weekend was slow and easy.  just the way i like it.  a good mix between warm sun, cool breezes, and lazy daisy rain.

there was some of this going on:

6" x 8" on wood panel, acrylic
he dances with hawks

and a little bit of this too:

my elisa is a real leonardo in the making.... see how she signed her name above her art.... her name spelled backward from left to right.  if you held it up to a mirror, it would read perfectly.  :))

i was visited by hawk this weekend.  both on saturday and again on sunday after a long absence.  the minute i saw him, i thought, ok, what have i got to learn now.  what am i not seeing that i need to see.  hawk was flying and soaring with it's beautiful long wing span, but it had to other birds at it's tail, two black crows.  the crows were oddly enough trying to take hawk off it's course, nipping at it's wings.  hawk seemed undaunted, and did a few mawk turns displaying his agility.  he went on his business as the crows kept at it's tail, pestering and annoying it.  but hawk kept on soaring and flying and seemingly untethered by the annoyance of two loud and pesky crows.  eventually, the crows lost interest in hawks disinterest with them, and they let him be.  soaring in the sky in full grandeur.

then on sunday when i was at my sisters place, i was sitting on the terrace entranced by the show the clouds were putting on, and there was hawk again.  cool as a cucumber, soaring and enjoying being free.  around and around he went.  this lasted for about 5 minutes, until i finally lost sight of him.  

all this to say, i need to stop letting the little things bother me.  i've been feeling trapped lately, like the walls are closing in, like my world is shrinking, and everything was bothering me.  the shoes in the hallway, the way dom coughs, my kids bickering, my too small house....  but it was more than that, it was the fact that i haven't had any time to myself in the last couple of weeks.  and when that happens i become an irritable jerk.  intolerant of anything and everything.  

so thanks hawk for the reminder to not sweat the small stuff, and to remember to make time for myself.

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