Monday, May 6, 2013

painting the night away

4" x 6" postcard on 140 lbs watercolour paper
pastels, acrylic, faux gold leaf, white gel pen

the weekend was outstanding.  the weather was incredible, sunny blue skies and warm breezes.  dom and i did some gardening... he tackled the back yard and me and the kids tackled the front yard.  it felt so incredibly good to be outside, barefoot, and in tshirts.  the kids put on bathing suits and ran through the sprinklers....  the epitome of summer time fun.

4" x 6" postcards on 140 lbs watercolour paper
acrylic, pastels, gold leaf

life has become so sweet these days.  i'm feeling this sense of peace, calm and joy like i've never felt before.  so this is what the calm after the storm feels like.

late in the evening i pulled out my paints, and spent the night painting.  dom took the kids out to watch the hockey playoffs.  and i had the house to myself.  the radio was on, the windows were open....  it felt sooo good.  this is probably one of my favorites.

'....i would rather  walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light..' - Helen Keller
8" x 10", 140 lbs watercolour paper, acrylic

4" x 6" postcards
gouache, on 140 lbs watercolour paper

these are postcards that i've been making and hoarding.  they're in all different mediums.  but now i'm ready to let them go.  time to send them off to new homes, to a few special friends i've made around the globe.

4" x 6" postcards, on 140 lbs watercolour paper
shiva oil sticks on the left; oil tempera on the right with a glossy varnish over top

you may have seen them before posted on instagram, but these are better pics for my files.  am i the only one that has trouble letting go of pieces?  what's up with that?

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