Monday, May 13, 2013

on mothers day 2013

this little girl presented me with a seeded planter (sunflowers), which we're going to put in the sun and watch it grow.  she painted the pot herself and yes, i was a very proud mamma. here she is presenting it to me..

and my boy xavier gave this note rolled up bound by two huge tissue paper flowers (that he made in class).  and this is what the note said...

i got all weepy eyed, and lost it at the very last line.  .....and one german shepherd dog.  he knows how much i miss my samson.  he does this to me every. single. year.  he makes me a very proud mamma.

and then i got some free time to paint.  and paint i did....

4 x 6 inches, gouache on hotpress 140lbs watercolour paper

8 x 10 inches,  acrylic on wood panel

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Michelle Shopped said...

So many times I comment and it gets lost because of the google sign-in foolishness but know that I check in often and awwww....sweet kids, can't wait to see you!