Friday, May 10, 2013


and this is one of the reasons why i love summer.  watching these neighbourhood girlfriends that haven't seen much of each other during the winter reconnecting. making up games and songs and listening to endless giggles. it's so very sweet.  

they look like they could be posing for a kool-aid ad

later that evening elisa was telling me how she very much "really really really doesn't like (so and so) because she's bossy and she kicked me on the side.  and she laughed at me when i bent down and my underwear showed when it was my turn to be the bunny and then (so and so) laughed too."

then her eyes welled up in tears as she tried to be strong so she could finish her story.

girls can be so mean.  and at such a tender age too.  i'm not sure how or why girls are like this but when i hear it affecting any girl and particularly my girl, it makes my heart break.  

it sounds like nothing to us but it was a big deal for elisa.  i told her to hold her chin up, and be proud of who she is.  that it's ok if your underwear shows.  we all wear underwear.  and to so tell so-and-so, 'what's the big deal, you wear underwear don't you?"

i told her to continue on being her great self and not to change one single little thing.  i reminded her that it's good to be different and unique and to be proud of who she is, regardless of what anyone thinks or says.  

i want her to grow up a confident young girl, with the strength to push through any petty nonsense.  so i have to keep reminding herself when things like this happen that she's loved, and smart, and an awesome kid.  

we also talked about not getting involved in mocking or teasing anyone else because of how hurtful it could be.  


ugh.  it broke my heart to see her so upset, but she's a resilient kid and i know she'll move on through just fine.

BUT......   what i really wanted to do, was tell elisa to knock so-and-so out if she made fun of her again. like give her a good sucker punch (my mamma bear instinct revealing itself).  it was a gut instinct to protect.   but............ of course, i didn't...   i want my kids to speak out and to use their words and their brains out of 'sticky' situations without having to resort to name calling and fighting. 

after our chat she fell instantly to sleep.  

then as i was getting ready for bed, i was putting some papers and stuff away and ran into these pics of my samson.  oh man, how i miss this kid.  i miss his presence.  i miss his smell.  i miss his wet nose.  i miss him greeting us at the door.  i miss his whining and his very loud yawns.  but i tell ya, i sure DO NOT miss all his shedding all over my house.  i do wish i could just kiss him on that wet cold nose just one more time.


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