Thursday, April 25, 2013

drawn to paint

this is where i'll be going in september.  random arts in saluda, north carolina. and guess who i'll be staying with at her home, the one and only, my pal, phyllis peterson. she called me the other night to tell me there were a few open spots in misty mawns class, 'drawn to paint'....

click on image to take you to mistys blog

so i made a last minute, gut decision and signed myself up.

the only caveat.  i have want to travel on my own, without my family in tow.  this will be a first for me.  but i am determined to move past this fear, and just do it.  'i will travel on my own this september and not be afraid', this will be my daily mantra until take off.  perhaps i'll believe it by then. :)

so this means fly into charlotte, then a 10 seater plane to ashville airport. it's the 10 seater deal that's freaking me out the most.  i figure, it's nothing a little bit of ativan and a shot of vodka won't cure. :))

wish me luck folks, xox


Michelle Shopped said...

Well, effing A, girl, it's about time you posted and I am Soooooo excited for, I keep thinking of taking a stroll around the block and over to Cape Psych Center for a little r and r (they have art there plus a basketball hoop outside)...hehehe...and, um, yeah, one of my scripts is getting a bit low come to think of it! XO

Flowrsinherhair said...

You can do it!!!! Sooo excited for you!!! And wish I could be there too!

Have so much fun and enjoy your company!

Such a treat!