Monday, April 29, 2013

another day another tooth

 it was a beautiful weekend.  my family celebrated the end of one chapter of our lives with the final sale and closing of my moms home.  life seems to have returned to a very nice 'normal'.  no drama, no tears, no anxiety, no stress.  and i must say, it feels really, really good.

i made some time to paint.  this lady takes some awesome self portraits of herself, and she has such a paintable fun face to paint, so this is what i did...

pastels, acrylic, on fabriano hot press 140lbs paper, 8"x 10"

elisa, 6 yrs old, april 28

and guess who's very proud of losing her very first tooth?  yes, this girl.  she was a real trooper and let her dad do the pulling for that very loose and wobbly tooth.  she was so excited about the tooth fairy visiting, that she ran and gave me a big hug.  now she can't wait for the wobbly loose tooth right beside that nice gap to fall out.  so damn cute. i can just picture her next school picture, all toothless and proud.  atta girl, elisa!

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