Monday, March 18, 2013


gouache, acrylic, pastels, gesso, gold leaf, black stabilo, white paint pen
postcard size on hotpress watercolour paper

i am on my lunch break as i write this, and thinking of all my blessings, and particularly grateful for:

family members that make me laugh (Al, tying yourself up with the cord by accident... yea)

for a little girl who has more quirks than i can count (hates underwear, has a fetish for all things pink and sparkly, has to do all-things on her own and on her own terms)

the completion of a big time reno and clean up and finally being able to see the light at the very end of the tunnel

only one small portion of the renos done, thanks to big bro Alex

the sun that's shining today

mcdonalds coffee that makes my morning that much better

-  to daydream about our upcoming summer vacation

no...those aren't moles on my forehead, it's the photo filter i used, lol
wells beach, maine  -  here we come

-  to carry on sunday traditions (with homemade cooked meals)

stuffed artichokes, and pasta sauce or 'sugo' as we sicilians call it
using moms recipes

-  to sleep in

-  to unfurl with paint and paper

gouache, pastels, black stabilo on hotpress watercolour paper
postcard size

flowers in her hair
gouache, pastel, acrylic, gesso, black stabilo on hotpress watercolour paper

-  to cry and let it all go

what are you grateful for today?


Michelle Shopped said...

Artichokes! My mother-in-law taught me how to cook and eat them, so good. And my father-in-law lives in Wells Beach on a Rachel Carson Preserve. I hope you all find time to swing by the cape too as the guest room should be ready by then! Had a too short but beautiful and relaxing visit with Meri last week, she shared a bit of it on her blog. Makes me appreciate my home so much more. XO

Flowrsinherhair said...

I love the Flowers in her hair painting... Well love them all. Love your post!!! I had to giggle - ur daughter sounds just like my youngest!!!! She got over the my panties feel weird... 11 years on but now it's my bra feels weird!!!! Giggle!!!

Seems like things are really good!
Happy for you!!!