Wednesday, March 20, 2013

experiments in paint

what do you get when you mix egg yolk with dry pigments?

egg tempera paints.

egg tempera on 100% cotton watercolour paper

this was my first attempt at making and mixing and using (sorry bad photo taken with my iphone).  i am certainly going to give this another go.  i need to thin out the paint with either some water or linseed oil.   i've used it way too thick and it'll probably crack when fully dry.  

Giovanni del Biondo: Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine Alexandria

Giovanni del Biondo

Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine Alexandria

About 1379
Tempera on panel

this is what tempera painting looked like back in the day.  thin layers of paint which dried quickly, and additional  thin layers over top for modelling (in painting or drawing, a method for depicting three-dimensional form. An artist traditionally uses hatching and subtle gradations of light and dark colors to create the appearance of shadows and highlights.)

Mixing diagram

it's so interesting learning about the differences in tempera and oils.  so many different mediums to investigate and experiment with.   fascinating. it's an endless learning curve... which is great for people like me who get bored very quickly. :)

acrylic, pastels, oils, charcoal, gouache, tempera, gesso, watercolour, mixing, blending, sgraffitto, glazing, impasto, priming, on and on and on and on... let the experiments continue.

on to sgraffito on scratch board next. 

A technique where a top layer of color is scratched to reveal a colour beneath. The term comes from the Italian word sgraffire meaning (literally) "to scratch". The 'wrong end' of a paint brush works well for sgraffito. If you use a knife to do it, you need to be careful not to accidentally cut through the paper or canvas.

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Flowrsinherhair said...

Lovely interesting post... I didn't end up trying the egg temp. Becos I didn't have powder pigment... I have so many art supplies, I couldn't face getting anymore... But what an awesome thing to do, make ur own paints!!!

Still lots to experience and experiment hey... Have fun discovering!