Wednesday, March 20, 2013

experiments in paint

what do you get when you mix egg yolk with dry pigments?

egg tempera paints.

egg tempera on 100% cotton watercolour paper

this was my first attempt at making and mixing and using (sorry bad photo taken with my iphone).  i am certainly going to give this another go.  i need to thin out the paint with either some water or linseed oil.   i've used it way too thick and it'll probably crack when fully dry.  

Giovanni del Biondo: Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine Alexandria

Giovanni del Biondo

Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine Alexandria

About 1379
Tempera on panel

this is what tempera painting looked like back in the day.  thin layers of paint which dried quickly, and additional  thin layers over top for modelling (in painting or drawing, a method for depicting three-dimensional form. An artist traditionally uses hatching and subtle gradations of light and dark colors to create the appearance of shadows and highlights.)

Mixing diagram

it's so interesting learning about the differences in tempera and oils.  so many different mediums to investigate and experiment with.   fascinating. it's an endless learning curve... which is great for people like me who get bored very quickly. :)

acrylic, pastels, oils, charcoal, gouache, tempera, gesso, watercolour, mixing, blending, sgraffitto, glazing, impasto, priming, on and on and on and on... let the experiments continue.

on to sgraffito on scratch board next. 

A technique where a top layer of color is scratched to reveal a colour beneath. The term comes from the Italian word sgraffire meaning (literally) "to scratch". The 'wrong end' of a paint brush works well for sgraffito. If you use a knife to do it, you need to be careful not to accidentally cut through the paper or canvas.

Monday, March 18, 2013


gouache, acrylic, pastels, gesso, gold leaf, black stabilo, white paint pen
postcard size on hotpress watercolour paper

i am on my lunch break as i write this, and thinking of all my blessings, and particularly grateful for:

family members that make me laugh (Al, tying yourself up with the cord by accident... yea)

for a little girl who has more quirks than i can count (hates underwear, has a fetish for all things pink and sparkly, has to do all-things on her own and on her own terms)

the completion of a big time reno and clean up and finally being able to see the light at the very end of the tunnel

only one small portion of the renos done, thanks to big bro Alex

the sun that's shining today

mcdonalds coffee that makes my morning that much better

-  to daydream about our upcoming summer vacation

no...those aren't moles on my forehead, it's the photo filter i used, lol
wells beach, maine  -  here we come

-  to carry on sunday traditions (with homemade cooked meals)

stuffed artichokes, and pasta sauce or 'sugo' as we sicilians call it
using moms recipes

-  to sleep in

-  to unfurl with paint and paper

gouache, pastels, black stabilo on hotpress watercolour paper
postcard size

flowers in her hair
gouache, pastel, acrylic, gesso, black stabilo on hotpress watercolour paper

-  to cry and let it all go

what are you grateful for today?

Monday, March 4, 2013

how to make 'forward' slow down

my word of intention i chose for this year was 'forward'.

as in, moving forward from a horrible year.  moving forward from all the grief.  moving forward with a new normal.  moving forward and not hanging onto the past.  moving forward with my goals and aspirations.

somehow, 'forward' has me hanging on by the coattails as we move full speed ahead, running past every stop sign and red light... .full blown forward. like can't catch my breath, forward.

perhaps my word should have been slow.  as in slow down.  breathe.  rest.  pause.  take it all in.  and then move one step forward. one. at. a. time.  so it's not all so bloody overwhelming.

i thought forward would get me through.  but it's not working... time to reevaluate my word.

i need more stillness.  i need more breath.  i need more space.  i need time to ingest it all, let all simmer in my head, so i can make sense of it all. i need time to come to terms with so much change in such a short span of time.

there's been so much change, and shift, and new normals, that i can't seem to adjust.  i feel so disoriented.  most times i feel like the exorcist with my head spinning out of control.

we went from moving offices at work (completely new building and surroundings); new bosses; to saying goodbye to my mom and her belongings; losing my furry baby samson; to renovating my mothers house and my childhood home to prepare for selling...  so much emotion in every single bit of change.

my brother alex working double duty to renovate our childhood home to get ready for selling
universe, if you're listening, i've had enough of change and 'forward' for a lifetime. please slow down and stop throwing me curve balls.

i know.  i know.  buck up.  deal with it.  i'm not the only one.  get over it.  right?

wrong.  not so easy, my friends.

still feel like i haven't had time to grieve properly.  feels like i went from burying my mom, and back to work. there was no in between time to get a grip on it all.  and to cry myself silly if that's what i needed to do.  it was as if it happened (this monumental thing), and then everyone expected me to get back to normal.  to continue on as if nothing happened.  but it has happened.  and it happened to be huge.

remember those gorgeous nails i spent so much time trying to grow....  well they lasted about two months before my moms passing.  they're now gone.  right down to the bone.

stress on too many levels.