Thursday, February 21, 2013

missing my boy

found this picture when cleaning out my moms house and it made me cry and laugh at the same time.  cry cause i miss my pooch, and laugh because well, just look at those giant paws.  samson was a mere 8 weeks old in this pic.  we were both so young - me in my size 0 shorts, and highlighted hair.  dom and i had just got back from our honeymoon and the first thing we did was pick up our pup to take him home.

at this age he was soooo incredibly funny.  he was clumsy with those paws, tripping and falling all over himself.  i remember taking him out for walks and not being able to walk a foot without someone stopping me to pet him and ooh-and-awww over him.

i miss my little furry schmucker.

perhaps it's time to get us another furry friend.  we really miss having a furry friend around.

dom wants a bull mastiff.  i want a chihuahua.

maybe we can meet somewhere in the middle with a medium sized pup.

any suggestions?

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Flowrsinherhair said...

I suggest a mini daushund (sausage dog) we have long haired ones. The are character dogs and keep us ever entertained and so incredibly loving and cuddle bugs. We have a pair. My male dog is besotted with my hubby and its so sweet. Great hits with our girls too. Had them since my baby girl was 5. They are great with kids! Have fun choosing ur new furbaby!