Wednesday, February 6, 2013

in the studio: painting

instructor Bogdan Luca's sample on the left... class samples upper right and my version on bottom right.
i've painted a million monochromatic portraits but this week in class i was utterly stumped.  he wanted us to paint in a way i hadn't painted before.  literally painting from dark to light, and starting with the darkest shadows, and mixing black and white paint lighter with each passe. his version looks fabulous.  mine.  not so much.  :))

i kept wanting to blend on the page, like i normally do.  but that's not what the exercise was.  the bunch of us had difficulty with this exercise, but a really good way to 'see' when painting a portrait.

what i'm learning is that i need to be more diligent with painting 'what i see', and not what 'i think i see'.  there's a huge difference.  there's a whole lot of unlearning to do to get to the point of 'seeing'.  when you can paint what 'you see', you get a really close likeness in a portrait, and not what you create in your minds eye.

i'll get there eventually.  it just takes practice.

there was somewhat of a discussion in class where a lady said either 'you have it or you don't'.  i don't agree with that.  i think it's either you don't have to practice, and then there are those who do.  one just gets 'there' quicker than the other.

have been also working on mistys online class, face to face (painting portraits class).  she's an incredible instructor.  and hopefully i'll be able to find some time to get some of the assignments done.

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