Monday, January 21, 2013

portraiture fundamentals: Day 2

in the drawing and painting studio. again, i literally gasped when i walked into the studio.  it was my dream space.

we started off with a blind contour of the model.  another male model.  training hand, eye coordination.

then came the charcoal and the kneaded eraser.  my favourite way to work.  like, misty, he made it seem so damn easy, so effortless.

this is bogdan luca's version of the model.

then it was our turn.  this is my piece in progress.  getting totally lost in the process.

and the final version. so much damn fun.

and on sunday - my sister Felicia, and my cousin Felicia and I went to the AGO to see the Frieda Khalo, and Diego Rivera exhibit.  stunning.  in absolute awe.  had to get up real close and see every brush stroke.  i so wanted to touch them.

her strokes are soft, his are heavy.  so very different.

it was a dream come true to see them in real life.  i've been a fan for over 10 years now after discovering the work of Rivera. a few of his prints hang on my walls.... but oh to have an original.  wow.

next week:  we'll be back in the sculpture and installation studio.  more clay.  more fun.

and today.... mistys online class starts....  doing the happy dance.


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Michelle Shopped said...

Love your happy dance, girl! Keep sharing, I'm enjoying class with you! (Especially since I'm not doing any of the work!)