Wednesday, January 30, 2013

goodbye friend

May 1st, 2001 to January 27, 2013

goodbye my friend.  

you were ever so loyal.  and loving.  and our fiercest protector.

you were my first (fur) baby.  we knew your handsome pappa and mamma, and when you were in her belly.  when we met you for the very first time, i came into the room, and you my sweet, were the first one to come straight for me.  and it was then that i knew you were mine.

we took you home at 8 weeks old.  we fell in love with your furry, giant pawed,  goofy self immediately.  you were an instant love bug.

we had just moved into our new home as freshly married newlyweds, and you managed to instantly make our little house a home.   you were so smart.  you knew how to wrap us around your little (big) paws with your wet kisses, puppy dog eyes, and a wagging tail. 

i'll never forget when we brought our baby xavier home, and how you slept right by him every single night by his crib to make sure he was safe.  how you woke me up when you thought he was in distress.  how you didn't like it when friends and neighbours got too close to him.  you knew he was your little brother and you loved him just as much as we did.  

i'll never forget how you used to follow me around the house just to be near me.  even when i was in the bathtub, you'd sit by the bathroom door and wait for me.  or how you nuzzled my legs when you wanted some loving, a good belly rub, or in your favorite spot - in your inside thigh. 

i'll never forget how you used to love licking stinky feet.  the stinkier the better (or so you thought).  You would literally take xavier's socks off for him just to indulge in this guilty (yet stinky) pleasure of yours.  i must say though, it was the best food massage evah!  

i'll never forget your smell.  you had a distinct doggy smell.  your own scent that i could detect anywhere.  or your never ending shedding.... fur that coated my floors regardless of how many times i swept or vacuumed.  it was fruitless to try to keep a 'clean' floor with you around.

i'll never forget how protective you were when dom was away for work.   you normally sleep just outside my bedroom on your blanket, but when dom was gone on business, you'd sleep downstairs by the front door keeping watch, and listening out for intruders.  you always knew when i was feeling nervous and you did your best to keep us safe.  

i'll never forget how every day at 11:30am when the postman came, how you bark like a madman, EVERY SINGLE DAY for 13 years.   frankly, i don't think the postman will forget you either!!

i'll never forget your sweet wet kisses.  you knew me so well, that all i had to do was purse my lips or say 'kisses', and you'd lift up your nose to me and i'd give you a big fat kiss on the top of your nose.  it was our way.  

i'll never forget up until three days before your passing you cried for me to help you find your ball that was hiding behind the couch, and how you wanted to play 'soccer' with me in the hallway.  it was your favorite game (and frankly, mine too).  i will miss our horsing around.

i will forever miss your company my sweet furry friend.  life sure won't be the same without you.

i know you're with nonna right now, who is loving on you, and taking care of you for us.  

until we meet again, my sweet boy samson.

i love you,

xox  mom


Susie said...

sending you much tender love and understanding for the deep sadness you are feeling. I understand and have been there, this time last year...

Cathy Bueti said...

This is such a beautiful post. It brought tears to my eyes. A lovely tribute to your sweet boy.

1 1/2 years ago I lost my first pet, my pug, and it was the worst heartbreak ever. There are so many who know the deep sadness you are experiencing now.

Sending you love and light. Hope the knowledge that he is with your loved ones now brings some comfort.

Michelle Shopped said...

Crap! I can't print what I'd like to shout (what went through my thoughts when I saw the beginning of this post), but oh, baby, I have been there! Heartbreaking, and to have suffered two big losses this month just isn't right! I am so sorry, Francesca, for you and your family. It hurts sooo much. XO

Flowrsinherhair said...

This just made me cry. You have been through so much already.... Brave one!!!!

It's comforting to know they will be together!!!

Sending love