Tuesday, January 15, 2013

forward: with portraiture fundamentals

portraiture fundamentals with bogdan luca at ontario college of art and design. 

day one: in the sculpture and installation studio.  a room full of armatures and clay. wow.  i was in love with this class the minute i walked into the studio.  i was in complete awe.  the space is an artists dream studio.   if i had a dedicated art space like this, i don't think i'd ever leave it.  although a window would have been nice. 

a studio full of armatures waiting to come to life

bogdan luca preparing the clay for a demonstration

early stages:  my very first 'head' and face modelled after a live model 'ben'

almost done

and the profile
then we ran out of time.  just like that 3 hours went by right before my eyes.  i was having too much fun to stop. wish i could had just a couple more hours to refine it all...  see how far i could have gone with it.  but instead, we had to hack it up and put it all back into the clay bin..   me thinks i'll be playing and exploring with clay more often.

next week, we'll be in the painting studio.  we'll be drawing and then painting with acrylic.  more to come peeps.

xoxox, f

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Michelle Shopped said...

Are you related to Michaelangelo? painting, drawing, sculpture, another a renaissance woman...