Wednesday, February 29, 2012

leaping into march (in pink)

a leap year.  an extra day.  if my birthday were on a leap year, i'd be what?  4 years old!!  not such a bad thing being born on Feb 29th.  

i've had my eyes on these docs since they were first advertised, but not availabe in these colours yet in canada until march'ish.  so i had the photo tucked away for safe keeping and was paitiently waiting for them to come to town.  mulling over which colour to get.

i used to live in docs in the 80's, i was a teenage mod.... white makeup, docs, black everything.  yup.  funny, how two decades later i'm coming back to them.  but this time in new colours.

sooo, next thing i know, my hubby makes a road trip over the border (for something else entirely), and comes back with these pink beauties for me.  the latest and greatest just shipped in.  well wasn't i leaping for joy. 

not as cute as the girlie in the photo above, but cute none-the-less.  no?

i think i may just have the best husband ever.  xoxx

p.s. three weeks to ARTFEST.  totally stoked.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


today i am grateful for many things:

the spring-like weather, and the sun on my face, despite the chill

my morning caffeine kick, especially when it's $1 off (which means more coffee's for me)

a slow day to catch up

finding a clean pair of pants at the bottom of my closet (cause all the rest are STILL sitting in the laundry hamper making cozy with the rest of the piles to be washed)

a heater at my feet keeping me tootsies warm

lip medex for my chapped lips

and last but not least, MAC's 'to pamper' lipstick (gosh i love you)

what are you grateful for today?

Please note, i embroidered the images above, however the actual images i transferred onto the canvas was created by misty mawn (as doodles, line drawings as part of her open studio online class).  i found them so damn cute and irresistible i knew i just had to embroider them.

and hence, i took close up shots so you can see why i call it my 'guerilla embroidery'... cause it's messy and far from accurate.  you could hardly call it a sampler.  if you look at my attempt at french knots, some look like french knots and others look more like a stunted bullion knot.  but this is why i love it.  it's perfect in it's imperfection. 

it is in the process of being mailed out.  a present for a very special someone.  but it's a secret.  so don't tell anyone... shhhhhhhhhh


Friday, February 17, 2012

i'm photoshopping again

and i don't think i can stop.  this is just too much damn fun.

i think something like this will be made into postcards, and traded at artfest.  so excited and inspired by all this. 

happy family day long weekend!!


Monday, February 13, 2012

somerset studio gallery

i will forever be thankful for mondo beyondo for introducing me to the idea of putting my dreams out there, no matter how ridiculous they may sound.  because, you know what, the universe really does listen.  and funny how those silly 'dreams' of mine are slowly but surely coming to fruition. one. by. sweet. one. 

and now, yet another one is unfolding as i write.  a total and complete unexpected surprise.  looks like one of my pieces i created in misty's online class last year, is going to be published in one of the expressions pages of the Summer 2012 Somerset Studio Gallery publication.  imagine that?  so so so thrilled about this.

and you know that theory of 190 degrees of separation.  yeah, well..  that too is so right on.

ran into carolanne, a coworker who totally rocked my world last week.  she loved my dashiki my mom made using the anna maria horner fabric and raw canvas that i happened to have on.  she's an avid quilter.  i knew i liked her right away!

she told me about the workroom in toronto.  a local joint where i could learn to sew, and quilt, and take all kinds of affordable classes.  or just hang out with like minded crafters.  and buy all kinds of fabulous fabrics.  TOTALLY thrilled.  karyn, the mastermind behind this shop, also has a fabulous blog. 

you know my saga of wanting to learn to sew and my frustrations at breaking machines, and bobbin trouble, and well.  just. plain. suckage at it.  well, i haven't given up. perhaps this class will be my lucky charm.  and perhaps learn to sew so i can put to use all that fabric i've been buying and hoarding.  shit, if i can get published, i can do this.  right? 

anyway, small world cause the beloved CAL PATCH taught a class there this past may.  wish i had known that i would have loved to say hi to  her.  and the lovlies from LETTUCE KNIT have also taught here.  it's only my favorite yarn store, and right around the corner from work, in the wonky, colourful, eclectic, Kensington Market. xoxo

so yea!  life is pretty exciting right now.  especially with Artfest just around the corner.  can't wait to meet my on-line buddies, Carlanda, Phyllis, Lynn, Jodi, Jaci, Michelle, oh and so many more.  and to see the sweet misty again and enjoy her 'in real life' classes. 

gonna enjoy every single minute of this high i'm on.  who knows how long it'll last. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


1.  this song

2.  and this really cool version by a band from ontario

3.  this artist

4.  this tutorial

5.  these two perfumes, this and this

what are you loving these days?

Friday, February 3, 2012

digital art

i am determined to learn all the little tricks you can do with photoshop to manipulate images to create 'digital art'.  misty's class has been choc-full of REALLY useful techniques and tips.  the best online class i've ever taken.  no joke.  literally, lessons posted every morning, and even ending each week with a delicious recipe.  the class is blowing me away.  not to mention the talent that is in the class group..  so so motivating and inspiring.

photoshopped images

photoshopped images

graphite pencils in moleskine

acrylics on watercolour paper (original desaturized)

acrylics on watercolour paper (original desaturized)

by the time i finish the class i'll be getting ready to go to my first, and last ARTFEST.  yup.  teesha is closing shop and rearing up for new and exciting things.  what a legacy she's left behind...  i'm sure this artfest will go out with a bang.  and i just can't wait to get there.

and oh, did i mention i'm going back to SQUAM ART WORKSHOPS, in New Hampshire again this fall.  oh. yes. i. am.  so so so thrilled.  can't wait to see some dear friends again.

mom update:  she's been stable since she got home from the hospital.  still weak and tired but that's to be expected.  in the meantime, she's home, and keeping strong.  thank you to all those of you who have offered so much love and support along this journey...  xoxo

it's FRIDAY.  i'm in love...