Friday, November 16, 2012

the matriarch

"the matriarch"
9" x 14" mixed media piece on 140 lbs watercolour paper

it seems my painting hiatus is over.  i do that every once in a while.  i paint my ass off and then i just stop.  for a while.  i get into other things, like screen printing, and embroidery, and teaching myself to sew.  it's all ebb and flow.  and then all of a sudden, i have that urge to paint again.  and this whole new surge of inspiration comes.  this one kept me painting for a good four hours.  painting as if i was in a trance.  an out of body experience.  i was stunned when dom called out from downstairs to say it was ten o'clock and that the kids needed to go to bed.  it's the best kind of painting sessions for me.  but she first started off as the girl in the last post.  it took me about a month to finally get back to it.  a big improvement, i think.  

i have another one in the works too.  she's at the first stage and i'll leave it until the urge hits again.  

sigh.  it's good to be back.


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Cathy Bueti said...

I found your blog through our Open Studio group on FB. I LOVE your work!!! So gorgeous!! I am a now a follower! Looking forward to watching the evolution of this new piece!