Wednesday, September 5, 2012

weekend lens: the ex, art, music, and SAW

oh the ex.  how we love you.  you're a hallmark event.  doesn't matter how old we get, we never outgrow the ex.  it marks a return to my childhood, as well as the end of another summer season. 

all the rides remain the same, with some new additions.  we spent one whole saturday afternoon until night on the CNE grounds, and we had a blast.  it was the 'funnest' time we've had at the ex.

Please look closely at the photo with elisa at the top right.  look just directly behind her.  look who's up on his horse, holding on tight...  yup.  that's my man.  hanging on for dear life.  told ya, you can't take the ex outta the kid.  xox  priceless.

 on sunday i managed to get in some quiet time to myself.  i journaled in one of my handmade journals.  and i painted. yup..  and i'm still experimenting with oils.  can you guess who the guy is?  yes, i admit after the concert i've become re-obsessed with the man. 

and i'm still scouring the internet for snippets of the toronto show.  and i've just discovered this site.  free unlimited music on demand.  thanks deezer.

i've started getting the luggaes ready and making preparations.  this sunday i leave for boston, then off to deephaven camp for the Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire.  my home away from home.  my happy place.  last year, my first year at SAW, my intention was to do EVERYTHING, meet everyone, miss nothing.  i was on sensory, and emotional overload.  and by trying to do it all, i missed so much.  and before i knew it, the week was over.

this time around my intention is to slow down and to soak it all in.  i want to let the weekend unfold as it may, as the universe has planned, with little intervention.  i just want to be and soak and revel in each and every single minute.  i want time to stand still as i sit on the doc, or walk in the woods, or sit by the fire, or giggle with friends, and make every minute stretch just a little longer. 

see you soon squammies!!

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