Wednesday, September 19, 2012

another year at squam

so many hours spent in a car, together, discovering new places

another year of meeting up with on line friends with cool t-shirts xo

gushing over sweet creative women

finding out why they call it 'on golden pond'

discovering only one single little lonely red mushroom this year

meeting and learning from talented established surface artist, heather moore aka skinny laMinx

learning new techniques and having my brain swirl with endless possibilities

not having to worry about making beds, or keeping things neat and tidy

listening and meeting the ever inspiring maya stein and her famous 'type rider' story journey

of waking up to this scene every morning

hanging with a very special friend of my heart, ms patricia with the ever flowing bottles of wine xoxo

of visiting wells beach and being inspired and uplifted and filled in a way i didn't know i needed

in feeling the power and majesty of the ocean in all it's glory

of learning so much about myself and others, and what i really need to move forward.  a deep knowing of what's important and what isn't.  the healing of solitude and the comfort of true friendships.  of seeing through the bullshit.  relishing only in what is real. and true.

for this man that makes me happier than i ever thought someone could. and yet, can make me madder than a crazy screaming banshee.

thank you squam for revealing to me the way.  bright and clear.  ready.  set.  go.

and for time with these kids.

oh these wild, rambunctious, happy, funny, children of mine.

 who remind me to have fun and play.

and for this girl who poses like a fashion model.  where does she get that from?


Anonymous said...

I am honored to have made part of this journey with you this year. What I learned most of all is that as close as we walk together through the woods, Squam is a very personal journey....

walking beside you...


Michelle Shopped said...

Straight from the heart baby! XO