Saturday, September 8, 2012

and we're offfffff.....

well almost.

i'll be away on vacation allllll week.  the house has been cleaned, the dog sitter arranged, the clothes laundered and packed.  the camera batteries charged.  the ipads, ipods and iphones and rechargers all ready.  

we're headed for a nine hour drive tomorrow early morning.  and despite the rain, it'll be a nice drive.  we'll be driving through quebec and vermont and into manchester.  monday we'll go to boston for the day.  and on tuesday we'll spend the day in the cape. and then wednesday i take off to deephaven camps, squam lake.  i am so ready for this.

and this awesome woman, patricia,  we're cabin mates again this year.  she lives in the cape and perhaps i'll get to see her before we meet up at squam.  

did you know that friday the 13th was filmed at squam lake.  oh. yes. it. was.  dom keeps reminding me of that.  well, it can't be any worse than being woken up by ghosts while at the old fort at artfest last year.  lol.  ghosts, mass murderers... peeshaw.  

off to give my pup some loving... he's going to miss us.  but victor will house sit and take him out for long walks, and he'll be happy.  but i will miss my pups wet nose kisses.  he's a lover, not a biter.  lol

hope y'all have a beautiful week, and i'll touch base when we get back..  xoxo


Flowrsinherhair said...

I can feel your excitement.
Have a blast!!!
Can't wait to see your pics.
Much Love

Michelle Shopped said...

Your pooch is one of my dream dogs...a white shepherd?!! Just read the squam blog...

latisha said...

Hello wonderful you! I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. It was so lovely to meet you at squam, your spirit is so warm and inviting. I'm beginning a little memory book with the gorgeous journal you gifted us. I am just sorry we didn't get to spend more time together. I was pulled in so many directions. Hoping your travels home were good.