Thursday, August 23, 2012

to be light and frolicsome

 summer is definitely not my best season for creating.  i find i get lazy and just want to enjoy being outside, enjoying the weather, smelling the flowers, putzing around,  reading books, collecting art supplies, moving furniture around, making plans, and lists, and plotting new adventures for the year to come.  it's a time for me to let my ideas emerge, and ferment.  and let me tell you , there some serious 'fementation' going on here.   2013 is going to be an exciting year for me creatively and professionally... when you just know in your bones, right from the core of you, that's it's going to be good....    i especially feel it when i'm alone, and the house is quiet and i get these nudges of goodness to come that sends my stomach fluttering with excitement.  f'n crazy.  i know, right?  i do have a 6th sense.  i tend to see right to the heart of things and of people.  and have had many a 'prophetic' dream...  i'm a little bit psychic.  really.

journal page in my moleskine... prepped and ready for spilling my thoughts

another prepped and ready page in my moleskine.  journal prompts that called to me

journal page in my moleskine
playing with bees wax

playing in photoshop
altering one of my sketches
and generally, spending the summer being light and frolicsome...... afraid of nothing as though i had wings.

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