Friday, August 24, 2012

springsteen in toronto

so looks like i have a date tonight with the boss.  yup.  me.  my sister. and a million of my best friends (aka other boss fans).

i can't tell you how exciting this is.   i've been a forever fan and especially love his older stuff...  but c'mon, the man is in his 60's and he still gives three hour performances, and still kicks ass compared to any other performer out there.  m'love him.

in other news...  my hubby landed himself the dream job, which also happens to take him travelling all around the world.  while in texas and mexico he bought me these beautiful old gringos from cavenders.  holy shite, right?  total ass kickin' boots.  if it weren't so bloody hot out, i'd wear 'em to the concert.  bruce would surely fall in love with me if he saw me in these, right?  right?

and this little girl. toe to toe.  old gringos vs. vans.  she sure does have a style of her own.  the one most thing i adore about this little girl, is she really does live and dance to the  beat of her own drum.  she's not a follower, and not afraid to be different.  i love that.  

and...... the nails.  the nails people.  i have nails.  it's now been 5 months of no biting.  holy wow.  i think the longest i've ever had nails.  ever.  this is no small feat for this girl who's been a nail biter all her life.  fuscia nail polish, oh yes.  might as well flaunt 'em while i got 'em.  no?

'aminata' charcoal and white pastel

and more sketching.  this is charcoal and white pastel on pastel paper.  no likey the pastel patel.  too much 'tooth'.  not crazy about all the texture it leaves behind. 
lately i've been experimenting with new colour palettes for my portraits and skin tones.  and practicing with blocking in colour before starting a piece..   burnt umbers, yellow ochres, raw sienna, white, with some veridian, with different mixtures of each.... a more naturalistic palette.  more muted yet made vibrant with lighter tones added to the mix.  nice.  can't wait to start using these, new to me colours. 

happy friday!  and happy weekend everyone. xo

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