Thursday, August 30, 2012

post-springsteen concert in toronto

all i can say is i have total and utter respect for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. 

i am in utter and total awe of their performance in Toronto on August 24, 2012.  i don't even know how to put into words what it was like to see a springsteen concert first hand, for the very first time.  he truly is a master at his craft.  from his lyrics to his performance.  the connection he has with his band is visible.  they truly respect and love one another.  no doubt about that.  and the love he has for his fans is clearly visible.  you could feel it.  the way we feed off eachother -

steven van zandt aka miami steve

it was pure magic. 

pure magic. 

the man is 62 and he gave a 3hour and 45 minute show.  without any breaks.  without any stops.  he didn't walk away after 1.5 hrs of performing to come back and sing a couple more... oh no.  that's not bruce's style.  he sang and performed for 3 hrs and 45 minutes straight.  with only one beer mid way that chugged as we cheered.  xox  by the end of the night, i swear to god, he had worn me out.  i don't know how he does it.  funny though, his show is a fine tuned machine. he knows when to slow us down and when and how to pick us right up, so as not to totally wear us down. 

i swear i nearly had a heartattack when he played ALL my favorites.  Literally, like he was playing them for me.  i swear he heard me yelling and screaming over everyone else when he was taking requests from the audience.  yes, "you can take the band outta the bar, but you can't take the bar outta the band", as per Miami Steve (aka Steven Van Zandt).  She's the One (Mona opening), Rosalita, Born to Run, Thunder Road, Tenth Ave Freez Out....  well when he started with Rosalita, I nearly passed out from screaming so loud.  the two tall men in the seats in front of me, literally sat down through this perforamce so i could get total and complete viewage.... they didn't want to block my view.  i guess they understood through my screams this was a dream come true.

to hear my songs, right from his mouth to my ears, in the skydome, with the roof open, and the breeze wafting in, and the the CN tower glowing in the background.

this was before the concert, we arrived early.  but at night the entire CN tower lit up adding to the ambience and magic of the night.  fabulous.  i so love toronto.

it was pure fucking magic. 

his voice was right on.  he smiled throughout the entire night.  i love it when he sings and he totally gets in the zone of the words and gets lost in them, like he did with incident on 57th street, (a request from the audience, that he played on the piano solo). 

fucking magic.  right?

how does the man do it.  what the hell kinda life has he lived that he comes up with those lyrics that he sings.  it's mind f'n blowing.  and to finally hear it live, and to be able to sing along with him.  well.  it was a masterpiece of a dream come true.  i couldn't have scripted it better.  his lyrics have had such a profound effect on me, i often quote him, and i've used many of his lines somewhere hidden in the backgrounds of my paintings.  yes.  a few of you who have bought my pieces, also have a little bit'a bruce too.  xo

my sister and i walked away on such a high (and not entirely from the beer either). as the rest of the crowd did. 

ok.  yes.  we had a couple.
Here  and here and here a recap in the news.  even bruce commented how great the night was of his toronto fans...  i swear it felt like he too didn't want the night to end.  i pray he comes back to TO just please one more time.  i am still on a springsteen high, which i think will stay with me forever.  i swear i haven't been able to stop thinking about it, and the effect it has had on me.  no one.  no one on this planet gives a concert like springsteen does or ever will. 

1) Working On The Highway
2) Hungry Heart
3) Sherry Darling
4) We Take Care Of Our Own
5) Wrecking Ball
6) Death To My Hometown
7) My City Of Ruins
8) Spirit In The Night
9) Thundercrack
10) Jack Of All Trades
11) Murder Incorporated
12) Prove It All Night
13) Candy’s Room
14) Mona/She’s The One
15) Darlington County
16) Shackled And Drawn
17) Waitin’ On A Sunny Day
18) Incident On 57th Street
19) The Rising
20) Badlands
21) Land Of Hope And Dreams
22) We Are Alive
23) Thunder Road
24) Born To Run
25) Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
26) Dancing In The Dark
27) Tenth Avenue Freeze-out
28) Twist And Shout
29) Glory Days

funny little tid bits: 

1)  i never felt so old, and so young all in one single night.  on leaving with my sister, my 14 year old nephew says to us, '....who is springsteen anyways? is he the old guy that sings copa cabana?"  gah?!?!??!?!?  

2)  and then while at the rogers centre (aka skydome), when we went to buy us some beers, the woman looks at me and asks me for id.  i'm 40 and she was asking for my id.  imagine that.  i wasn't sure whether to hit her or laugh.  so i just blurted out, i'm fucking 40 (with look of utter surprise on my face).  my sister was mad that the woman didn't ask for her id, and yelled out at me to laugh and take it as a compliment.  imagine.  i'll be 100 and i'll still get asked for id.  damn it being short. 

suffice to say.  i love you bruce.  and  if you ever have an opportunity to see springsteen in concert.  go. GO. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

springsteen in toronto

so looks like i have a date tonight with the boss.  yup.  me.  my sister. and a million of my best friends (aka other boss fans).

i can't tell you how exciting this is.   i've been a forever fan and especially love his older stuff...  but c'mon, the man is in his 60's and he still gives three hour performances, and still kicks ass compared to any other performer out there.  m'love him.

in other news...  my hubby landed himself the dream job, which also happens to take him travelling all around the world.  while in texas and mexico he bought me these beautiful old gringos from cavenders.  holy shite, right?  total ass kickin' boots.  if it weren't so bloody hot out, i'd wear 'em to the concert.  bruce would surely fall in love with me if he saw me in these, right?  right?

and this little girl. toe to toe.  old gringos vs. vans.  she sure does have a style of her own.  the one most thing i adore about this little girl, is she really does live and dance to the  beat of her own drum.  she's not a follower, and not afraid to be different.  i love that.  

and...... the nails.  the nails people.  i have nails.  it's now been 5 months of no biting.  holy wow.  i think the longest i've ever had nails.  ever.  this is no small feat for this girl who's been a nail biter all her life.  fuscia nail polish, oh yes.  might as well flaunt 'em while i got 'em.  no?

'aminata' charcoal and white pastel

and more sketching.  this is charcoal and white pastel on pastel paper.  no likey the pastel patel.  too much 'tooth'.  not crazy about all the texture it leaves behind. 
lately i've been experimenting with new colour palettes for my portraits and skin tones.  and practicing with blocking in colour before starting a piece..   burnt umbers, yellow ochres, raw sienna, white, with some veridian, with different mixtures of each.... a more naturalistic palette.  more muted yet made vibrant with lighter tones added to the mix.  nice.  can't wait to start using these, new to me colours. 

happy friday!  and happy weekend everyone. xo

Thursday, August 23, 2012

to be light and frolicsome

 summer is definitely not my best season for creating.  i find i get lazy and just want to enjoy being outside, enjoying the weather, smelling the flowers, putzing around,  reading books, collecting art supplies, moving furniture around, making plans, and lists, and plotting new adventures for the year to come.  it's a time for me to let my ideas emerge, and ferment.  and let me tell you , there some serious 'fementation' going on here.   2013 is going to be an exciting year for me creatively and professionally... when you just know in your bones, right from the core of you, that's it's going to be good....    i especially feel it when i'm alone, and the house is quiet and i get these nudges of goodness to come that sends my stomach fluttering with excitement.  f'n crazy.  i know, right?  i do have a 6th sense.  i tend to see right to the heart of things and of people.  and have had many a 'prophetic' dream...  i'm a little bit psychic.  really.

journal page in my moleskine... prepped and ready for spilling my thoughts

another prepped and ready page in my moleskine.  journal prompts that called to me

journal page in my moleskine
playing with bees wax

playing in photoshop
altering one of my sketches
and generally, spending the summer being light and frolicsome...... afraid of nothing as though i had wings.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the lonely poet

i found myself sitting at my desk feeling compelled to draw and paint this emo piece. 
searching for the right notes.
waiting for the song to come.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

mystery artist

i found this picture on google.  but i haven't been able to find the name of the artist who originally created it.  do you know who the artist of this piece is? 

well, i love it so much, i painted my own version of it.
9" x 12"; acrylics; oil bars; on 140 lbs watercolour paper