Monday, July 30, 2012

summer in the hood

this summer has been all about:

wearing cute little outfits (t-skirt by emily falconbridge bought at squam fall art fair)

garage sale-ing and buying cool vintage furniture

saying goodbye to a very dear and close family friend, laurice madge martin

original painting by misty mawn
finding the perfect frame just as ostentatious as the girl in the painting

 prints by misty mawn

adding new framed prints to my dining room mantle

original by me, on 140 lbs fabriano hotpress watercolour paper

painting very large for the first time, 22" x 30"

taking long walks through the market on my lunch breaks

discovering new passions,
"mom, i don't want to be a robot anymore  when i grow up, i want to be an artist"

adding glitter and sparkle when all else fails


taking time out of the day to stop and enjoy the little moments

one visit to the paediatric emerg for a pinky that was closed in the car door (but good news, it wasn't broken)

sleeping in, chips for breakfast, breaking up squabbles, and lots of early morning cartoons

hope your summer is full of lots of beautiful little bits.


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Susie said...

Sweet and endearing post and your art of course is simply gorgeous.