Thursday, July 12, 2012

soul work

 i started this really huge piece, 22' by 30" the other day. I'm not on day two and still i'm not done.  so many more layers and details to come before i feel like it's at a place that i love it.

funny thing.  when i start a piece i never really have an intention in mind.  i start with an image of a face.  i gather some collage images that pull me.  i choose the colours i want to work with.  and i let it all go adding one thing at a time.  most times i add in a frenzied manner.  not really knowing why or where the piece is going to take me.  but i just know that when i'm working from 'that place' i go to when i'm in the zone, i just trust and follow my gut.  and somehow in the end it all works out.

step one
preliminary sketch
collaged bits

after many pics along the way, i've just realized what this all means.  i love when that happens.  when all of a sudden it just all makes sense.

you can't go wrong when you follow your heart and work from that place of authenticity.

step two
adding paint

i've been having some inner turmoil about my career and how it's conflicting with my soul's purpose.  that is to create.  to be a full time artist.  to work from a dedicated studio.  i've managed to lose my way getting lost in a career that although it pays the bills, it leaves me feeling brain dead by the end of the day.  when really all i want is to follow my hearts desire and take that 'other' path.  the path that i know is my soul's purpose.

step three
more paint, more detail
now, how to make it happen?

step four
and....a few more steps to go..


Maureen Purcell said...

Loved your post. I ended up following my heart to start a business, not so much to create, but to encourage others to tie their soul's desire to their work.

Sometimes it doesn't happen overnight, as one still has basic needs like food, clothing and shelter, to provide for, but I am a firm believer that great things happen when you come from that authentic place and voice that is uniquely yours - your soul. Love your post.

Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

This resonates with me. I am feeling the same way. I have to work to pay the bills but my heart is yearning to paint. We will get there!

Love to you sweet sister,

Petie said...

XOXOXXO You will get there Frannie!!

mimilove forever said...

Beautiful work and a poignant post..I'm heading for some scary changes's far too short not to follow your heart...have courage!! xx