Tuesday, July 31, 2012

be patient

a beautiful friend of mine thought of me when she saw this and sent it to me:



i have been struggling with patience these last few months.  must. work. on. it.

Monday, July 30, 2012

summer in the hood

this summer has been all about:

wearing cute little outfits (t-skirt by emily falconbridge bought at squam fall art fair)

garage sale-ing and buying cool vintage furniture

saying goodbye to a very dear and close family friend, laurice madge martin

original painting by misty mawn
finding the perfect frame just as ostentatious as the girl in the painting

 prints by misty mawn

adding new framed prints to my dining room mantle

original by me, on 140 lbs fabriano hotpress watercolour paper

painting very large for the first time, 22" x 30"

taking long walks through the market on my lunch breaks

discovering new passions,
"mom, i don't want to be a robot anymore  when i grow up, i want to be an artist"

adding glitter and sparkle when all else fails


taking time out of the day to stop and enjoy the little moments

one visit to the paediatric emerg for a pinky that was closed in the car door (but good news, it wasn't broken)

sleeping in, chips for breakfast, breaking up squabbles, and lots of early morning cartoons

hope your summer is full of lots of beautiful little bits.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

soul work

 i started this really huge piece, 22' by 30" the other day. I'm not on day two and still i'm not done.  so many more layers and details to come before i feel like it's at a place that i love it.

funny thing.  when i start a piece i never really have an intention in mind.  i start with an image of a face.  i gather some collage images that pull me.  i choose the colours i want to work with.  and i let it all go adding one thing at a time.  most times i add in a frenzied manner.  not really knowing why or where the piece is going to take me.  but i just know that when i'm working from 'that place' i go to when i'm in the zone, i just trust and follow my gut.  and somehow in the end it all works out.

step one
preliminary sketch
collaged bits

after many pics along the way, i've just realized what this all means.  i love when that happens.  when all of a sudden it just all makes sense.

you can't go wrong when you follow your heart and work from that place of authenticity.

step two
adding paint

i've been having some inner turmoil about my career and how it's conflicting with my soul's purpose.  that is to create.  to be a full time artist.  to work from a dedicated studio.  i've managed to lose my way getting lost in a career that although it pays the bills, it leaves me feeling brain dead by the end of the day.  when really all i want is to follow my hearts desire and take that 'other' path.  the path that i know is my soul's purpose.

step three
more paint, more detail
now, how to make it happen?

step four
and....a few more steps to go..

Monday, July 9, 2012

two is better than one

3.5" x 5" acrylic on watercolour paper
 first i made this small piece.  i love working small and paying close attention to all the little details.  but i love the image so much, i decided to do a larger piece as well.

9" x 12" acrylic on watercolour paper
i love nothing more these days than to take an image i love and reproduce it with my own twist.  i also love nothing more than making more than one version of one image.  they're never ever the same, and they each have their own unique twist depending on my mood at the time.  i so love that.

Both available in my ETSY shop.

on the homefront, the kids are out for summer, and i wish i could say the same.  feel so ugh when i know everyone is home except me.  perhaps i should have pursued teaching, just for the fact that i'd have the summers off.  oh well.  perhaps in my next life.

in the meantime, we're enjoying our time outside as much as possible.  which is leaving very little time for painting and blogging.  hence the absence from this space since my last post. 

hope you're enjoying your summer... back soon. xox

Friday, July 6, 2012

fear masquerading as instinct

i have a huge decision to make. 

but i'm having trouble distinguishing the differenc between a gut instinct saying 'no', and fear 'masquerading' as instinct.

journal page trying to sort it out.  painted over with gesso and acrylics.  a beautful way to unload

i'm thinking about big changes but am not sure whether it's my gut telling me not to forge ahead, or if it's fear getting in the way of change. 

i need to sort it out. 

and soon.