Friday, June 8, 2012

it rained last night, thunder, hail, tons of rain, the whole nine yards.  it was beautiful.  put me right in the mood to paint.  

i've been taking progress shots lately and i can't believe i haven't done this before.  i step away from my work but for some reason when i look at it in photos, i can really see what i need to go back to.  

take a look at this.  i knew it needed work, but wasn't sure how to fix that neck, and something was just not right with the hair... but wasn't sure what.  but, when i took a look at the picture it all became clear....

see.  now i see what i need to do.  a little more tweaking and she's done.

carlanda, sweet friend.  this one is dedicated to you.  'hail yes'

happy happy weekend!! xox

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carlanda brown williamson said...

thank you for the dedication! love this! and you!