Monday, May 14, 2012

a lovely mothers day

elisa:  mom don't look under the bed or else you'll find your 'mudders day' present... 
me:  don't worry, i won't look
elisa:  it's ok, you can look, you can see the paper, but not the flowers inside, ok mommy?
me:  how about i wait to see it when you give it to me tomorrow?
elisa: ok. as she skips away in her snow white princess dress.

makes my heart happy.

xavier came home with a bag full of handmade goodies..  notes in italian, french, and english.  this one was the one that made my heart ache.. with joy and pride! yea, it made me cry...

xavier, age 8, grade 3
my treat was a shopping spree to my favorite art store.... and boy, it didn't take me very long to spend up my gift card.  soooo much fun.  the piece below i created last night using some of my fab new #4 and 6 round brushes....  synthetic interlock...  my new favorite loves.  also bought some iridescnet oil pastels by sennelier...  and lots and lots of 22" x 30" sheets of fabriano artistico 140 lbs watercolour paper..   who's a happy girl, you ask?   

small piece approx 2" x 4", mixed media, on watercolour paper (photoshopped background textures)

the piece below is finally complete, and will make it into my etsy shop as soon as i can make my way to the store to get the packaging. 

 9" x 12" mixed media, on 140 lbs watercolour paper, 1/2" white border

and the piece below, is the first one i made.  i loved her so just as is and didn't want to touch her.  but knew i could go further with this idea so created the one above to play around with it.  and i really love them both.

9" x 12" mixed media, on 140 lbs watercolour paper

since friends have been asking, i think it's high time to look into creating prints.  and come to think of it, perhaps time to create more moo postcards.

hope all you mommies had a beautiful weekend.

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carlanda brown williamson said...

i love this!!! i can so see her saying that. sweet little soul, and xavier's notes were so sweet. don't you mean to put " on the size, not '. " mean inches. just don't want anyone to get confused! i love you frannie!