Sunday, April 29, 2012

studio reno

these past few weeks, post artfest has been one of the most productive for me.  it has been a flurry of activity in my studio. so much so, that i have totally and completely outgrown the tiny little space that i call 'my studio'.  aka, a little corner of my bedroom..

i've managed to get paint all over the hardwood floors, on my sheets, on my duvet, and little bits of stuff all over the place.  it no longer feels like a bedroom.

time to renovate the garage into my studio.  a real space for me to let go and really create.  without fear of ruining anything with paint.  a fearless space for creating.. i like that.

it's spring... and here comes the major reno to get it going..  so excited.   my own private sanctuary to escape to.  wish me luck that i can actually make this work.

by the way i'm loving this new app that makes instant collages on your iphone... love love love.. thanks maryann moss for the tip.

playing with pastels. making a series of ATC's.  gosh i love this new app.

happy sunday... xox

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