Wednesday, April 25, 2012

 so much gratitude

for life returning to some kind of normal

for more time

for my husband who does so much

for opportunities to get messy

for friendship,

and connection

and most especially today, grateful for the opportunity to tick another item off my bucket list.  seeing bruce springsteen in concert.  i've been a fan since i was 9 years old.  yup.  i used to listen to his albums when my sister (who was 17 years old) would put them on.  i've been a fan ever since.  why it's taken me so bloody long to see him?  two things, i either couldn't afford the ticket prices, and/or i could just never get tickets..  the last time he was in toronto, i tried getting tickets and they were sold out the minute, literally the minute they went for sale.  i wasn't willing to spend $250 on scalped tickets.  but this time.  this time was my time.  i got my husband to do it for me.  if anyone could get me tickets, it would dom.  he's the man.  and he got me awesome seats, and only $140.. 

anyway bruce is a master lyricist, and musician.  he goes to places no one else does.  his stories hit straight to the core of my heart.  his lyrics these days have inspired many of my paintings.  oh yes they have. 

just have a listen to the words of this song... god and i love this performance..

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