Wednesday, April 18, 2012

i've just discovered his work and blog, and am blown away.  not only is he a gifted artist, he's also an incredible writer.  

he has somehow managed to so beautifully and eloquently described the 'why' of why i create.  of why i make the art that i do. he says in this post

..."And praise can be as insufficient as a shrug. We don’t just want a pat on the head; we want connection, reaction, insight, something that makes us see what we made in a newer light or on a deeper plain. Knowing we moved someone else, revealed truth to them, reminded them of something we didn’t even know corresponded, that makes us love our work all the more. Love it and wonder at it, at the fact that we were the conduit for it, that something passed through us and then passed through another heart. It dissolves the loneliness of existence.  Ideally, our art is the truest manifestation of our conclusions about the nature of things and when someone else sees it and validates it and shares it, the power of that truth is reflected back on itself like an endlessly repeating mirror".

isn't that just the most beautiful thing you ever read? 

persistence is her name.  persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.  this piece holds a special place in my heart.  it was created at the last artfest (after 13 glorious years), in the fabulous portrait class held by misty mawn.  the energy, the creativity, and the commaraderie of the event was out of this freakin world.  it rocked my world.  and her expression just captures that for me.  i just adore her.

9' x 12' on fabriano artistico hotpress 140 lbs
mixed media
acrylics; oil sticks; oil pastels; caran d'ache; stabilo

there will be more originals to the shop very soon

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Petie said...

Hi Frannie!!! I love your blog and your latest post. I'm not familiar with Danny Gregory but he certainly is articulate in expressing his feelings about art! Very well said, and very beautifully said too!! Thank you for sharing!! Miss you xoxo