Monday, April 16, 2012

getting my groove back

black charcoal and white pastel
frame and 'believe' collage elements from Sabrina Ward Harrison's new book

i'm back, and finally out of my funk.  finding my groove.  sketching, painting, creating, and feeling good about it again.  

i get into those moods every once in a while, and while it sucks when you're in it,  i think it's a good thing.  we all need a kick in the ass every once in a while to wake us up out of what has become our 'normal'.  since the last piece i've kept all internet use to a minimum...  and have holed myself up in my studio.  creating.  

i've got about 5 pieces on the go..  all at various stages of completion.  it was a frenzy of creation.  just as i had started one, i'd start another, the ideas bursting in my head screaming to be released.  some of the best stuff i've done yet. 

 building a body of work.  work that i'm proud of.  work that may even make it's way to my etsy.  

thank you to all the comments and messages i received from dear ones cheering me on.  it lifted me up.  it really did.  xox

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kt40s said...

Love what you are sharing tomorrow i have the day off staying away from the computer and getting busy with my paints inspired thanks for this!