Monday, April 9, 2012

Artfest Part 3: more pics, less words

i know, i know .... another artfest post.  well, can't help it.  just looking at these pics makes me so happy..  and to see them all in one page.  welll.....  love it.

the people:  phyllis peterson, carlanda williams, lyn tivenan and her 'common' english humour (ok it's an inside joke), annie froese, dina wakely, orly avineri, carrie clayden, irene raphael, keli mckinley, misty mawn, carla sonheim, joki kincaid, stephanie lee, katie kendrick, john hammond, judy wise, elena nosyreva, jaci swarts, ilene harris, teesha & tracy moore.  imagine that.  i'm still awe struck.

the city, Seattle:  sitting and relaxing in one of the many starbucks along our journey, including the flagship store established in 1971; beautiful views of the pacific, the awesome pike place market (which reminded me of our st. lawrence market); the shopping (my favs were anthropologie and all saints); the mexican restaurants (that my kids made us have lunch at almost; the cops on every street corner; the kids blending in the like a natural seattleite, hoodies and all.  so so much fun.

the classes:  orly avineri's 'inside the outside' was a mind blowing, earth shaking, that touched me to my core in the most profund way.  so memorable.  so much talent, and heart and humanity in this beautiful artist.  she gave 100% to this class.  so well thought out.  so well planned, and executed.  it's no wonder i love her so much, she's a fellow aquarian.  oh. yes. she. is.  i could have just talked to her for hours and hours....  oh to be able to mentor under her, to work in tamdem, and/or to collaborate in the same studio.  how incredible would that be.  wink wink, orly.. xoxo  smile.

pike place market:  such an eclectic haven for so many original finds.  a fresh food market, as well as vintage knick knacks and shops.  it was a maze of treasures, from candy shops, leather goods, gresh fish and vegetables, scary puppets (ala stephen king), funky signage, big open spaces with lots and lots of people.  

fort worden, port townsend:  Madrona was my (our) home away from home.  It was like the castle up on the hill away from anything close!!  deer roam randomly in your front yard, and they don't run away from you.  surrounded by trees and the beach and lots of green, and friendly 'taxi' drivers that happily take you to your classes and back home again....FREE.  lol.   it was a little piece of heaven despite the irritating ghosts.  yes, we had a few happenings whilst in madrona. but then again, doesn't everyone in port townsend have a story?  so why should it have been any different for us.  rattlings in the night for me; another house mate heard morse code; and yet another made her lose her toothbrush... 

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Frau S said...

I took Orly's Saturday class and loved it so much!