Thursday, March 15, 2012

a lesson in respect

a couple of weeks ago, despite my warning to be careful when playing games on my mac,  my kids must have spilled some water on the keyboard.  now the keys stick, and the touch pad is difficult to navigate. 

the other day elisa was swinging around and smashed one of her toys into my new kitchen cupboard.  scratched.  brand new NO more.

then last night, elisa was warned a million times to sit down when playing with the ipad.  what does she go and do.  she stands and tried to turn around....and somehow, someway tripped sending both herself and the ipad crashing to the floor.  she came out unscathed.  but my poor ipad.  broken.  but functioning.  glass shattered. 

so after a yelling and sending to her room, a good walk around the block for me to calm me down...  i gained some perspective.  things don't matter, or how much they cost.  things will always just be things.  what i want my kids to learn is to respect OUR things, and as a friend said, to 'have some self control'. 

they can play on a broken taped up ipad until THEY can afford to have it fixed. 

let the lessons begin.

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artlover said...

A domino effect! One thing after another. My cat of all things sometimes knocks down my sacred images in my meditation area to get the morning especially!
Initially, anger arises, and then I feel bad for yelling at him. I've done that a few times to realize that I'm only hurting myself, and my little furry friend. It's also a test in my patience! I've inserted my images in crystal clear bags as not to damage them.
I calmly tell him no. He still does it once in awhile; but not as often.