Friday, March 23, 2012

zine time

such an exciting time right now.

not only is spring in the air but i'm packing for my first ARTFEST experience.  people.  i'll be in seattle in the blink of an eye.  and i can't wait.

i somehow managed to make one additional trade besides the collage packs and the moo postcards i posted about the other day.  i gave birth to my first ZINE, volume 1, 'a year of faces'.  oh yes i did.

my first attempt is crude and rudimentary, but glorious none-the-less.

i'm on to volume 2 and i'm literally loving creating this.  it's pieces of my journaling pages from my moleskine, my sketches, my favorite images, some favorite quotes and words, allllll mashed up with photoshop.  gloriousness.  i can't tell you how much fun i'm having with this.

so here's a sneak peek at my page one.

cannot wait to experiment with a few more pages...

tonight however, i must finish packing.  making lists so i don't forget anything.  so happy to meet my open studio and stretching within art sisters.  meet up with my art guru, mentor extraordinaire misty, and hang out with my tribe.  it's gonna be like coming home.

catch ya on the flip side folks... xoxx

Thursday, March 22, 2012

moo'ing right along...

finally. i finally got some of my work on postcards to include in my DIY collage kits, and handout as trades at artfest. so happy to see my work in print and have something tanglible to distribute out into the world, but most importantly to people who i know will appreciate it. makes my heart happy.

who knows, perhaps some velvet giclee prints to come for my etsy shop.

(instagram photo)

i can't believe artfest is finally just around the corner.  i've got my trades done, my art supplies gathered, the luggages taken out, and now perhaps i can start on packing for the family.

i may not be blogging again until i get back...  where i'll tell you all about it...  xoxx

Thursday, March 15, 2012

a lesson in respect

a couple of weeks ago, despite my warning to be careful when playing games on my mac,  my kids must have spilled some water on the keyboard.  now the keys stick, and the touch pad is difficult to navigate. 

the other day elisa was swinging around and smashed one of her toys into my new kitchen cupboard.  scratched.  brand new NO more.

then last night, elisa was warned a million times to sit down when playing with the ipad.  what does she go and do.  she stands and tried to turn around....and somehow, someway tripped sending both herself and the ipad crashing to the floor.  she came out unscathed.  but my poor ipad.  broken.  but functioning.  glass shattered. 

so after a yelling and sending to her room, a good walk around the block for me to calm me down...  i gained some perspective.  things don't matter, or how much they cost.  things will always just be things.  what i want my kids to learn is to respect OUR things, and as a friend said, to 'have some self control'. 

they can play on a broken taped up ipad until THEY can afford to have it fixed. 

let the lessons begin.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ode to artfest

the theme of artfest is 'cairns':  a noun ; a heap of stones set up as a landmark, monument, tombstone, etc. Origin: 1525–35; earlier carn, Scots Gaelic: pile of stones

so my 'loose' interpretation is stacks of layers, layers and more layers.  and in the bottom, it also includes stacks of circles piled hig onto one another in the form of my body (using a shadow shot of mine photoshopped with my doodles from my moleskine).  i knew those hours doodling would somehow come in handy.  hours well spent, i'd say.

15 more days to go.  and then, let the games begin.  wooohooo

Thursday, March 8, 2012

vintage layers

i've been playing with photoshop these last few days and altering some of my sketches.  i googled vintage textures and managed to get so much fodder to experiment with.  this is the result of my last few sessions.

this one is my most favorite...  i used a quote that i love and just repeated it across the page.

this is another favorite. this particular sketch will always hold a soft spot in my heart.  i love the wrinkled torn page, the handwritten numbers, and just the overall feel it gives the piece.

this one was an experiment that i actually ended up liking.  i did a contour drawing of the woman in the shadows (look closey, do you see her) and then layered her image, and about 5 more layers that included the photo frame around hawk, and hawk, and vintage pages. added some text, flattened it all, and voila.

reads: ordinary.... and while it takes courage to achieve greatness, it takes more courage to find fulfillment in being ordinary -- Marilyn Thomsen

i created this bottom sketch in mistys last class and haven't done much with it. until now.  again more vintage tattered pages, and another with that cute black border and creases in the paper... 

and another version of this sketch you've seen before....

and love this old vintage frame... l.o.v.e. it.  a sketch created in carla sonheim's faces class.

and experimented with photos too. here i used my favorite squam fall 2011 shot of sommers pier. and love it.  i see a lot more photos being altered this way in the VERY near future. 

and ok, one more version.... and it's the last one.  promise.

i still need to create 50 more trades for ARTFEST.  and i think i just found my solution.  these will more than likely become postcards for the giving.  me thinks i like that idea.  what think you?